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Our site is specially made for foreign men, who are looking fot brides from Ukraine via local marriage agencies. On the pages of our site we collected the addresses, telephone numbers and contacts of all marriage agencies from different Ukrainian cities - Kiev, Kharkov, Dnipropetrovsk, NIkolaev, Kherson, Odessa, Vinnitsa, Lvov and many others. If you are already in Ukraine, you don't need to turn over the Internet pages looking for ukrainian marriage agencies -use our data base to find your woman from Ukraine, your future wife through the lova marriage agencies from different countries, regions and parts of Ukraine

Contracting a marriage according to Ukrainian laws is a quite simple procedure. We would like to stop at some points which most often interest men who decided for creating a family with a Ukrainian woman. Read more

Russian brides are quite popular abroad, especially in the USA. We noticed a quite interesting material which was written by a Native American – an author of a private blog to whom a Russian bride comes. While waiting for her arrival he decided to share some doubts and worries which appear in this situation that is quite popular now. Read now

For men who have registered on an online dating agency looking to find a good wife, very often become dizzy from the abundance of young, beautiful, and sexy brides from Eastern Europe. Each of them is a magnet; each has a special charm and can serve as a model of female attractiveness. With this variety how can you find the one that can be called your wife?