Vinnitsia marriage service and local dating

1. Do not try to combine one-time hobbies, different kind of dating for one day only and find your second half . The wife is not created only for entertainment and enjoyment. It is important to choose what you're getting started - or to find a reliable partner in life, or just have fun. Very often men, getting to the sites of marriage agencies are confused with these categories.
2. The more women that are in your life, the less ability you’ll have to love someone. Look for the one who you are willing to take absolute responsibility for, and you will be able to respect her as a woman for real!
3. Take the time to bring up communication before sex about the "soul" of the Russian woman is in a different place! Pay attention to communication, to find out her views on life and how she is wise, or is ready to become wise.
4. Do not judge her on how she cooks as anyone can learn. Just give her time and help her in this. Remember that she grew up in a different family, and there are other traditions and she grew up with different kinds of food.
5. When communication ensues and suddenly she becomes offended do not get mad at her and do not rush to apologize. Take it easy and be patient. Let her emotions calm down and you will show in her eyes that you are a reliable man, not a tyrant or a rag (the two extremes).
6. Never say, "let us wait and see how things go", as it shows you are not serious with her. In this case, you will not be awarded to become an authoritative husband.
7. Never promise more than you can give. Less is better if you live up to 100% of your promises.
8. Forget the companionship as friends, because it’s an indicator of your carelessness in the relationship. There are no women friends!
9. If your circle-of-friends like to have fun, drink and live in the present day, it also puts a stamp on you as a soft-touch man. Make a choice, either be her husband or be an eternal bachelor. It is impossible to reconcile the irreconcilable.
Also a very important fact is that it is necessary to immediately determine your views on life and set the course for life, otherwise there will be conflicts. You cannot put a woman, especially a Slav into a suspended position. She needs to be confident in you. She needs to see what awaits the both of you in the future together. There is no need to have secrets, you must earn the trust; it is the prerogative of women. If you feel she is interested in you and is ready to show serious intentions then don’t wait and talk directly to her like a man!
The best way to reach an understanding is not to hesitate and fear what to say; tell her what you want from the relationship, as you look at family life, what are your goals, and what kind of faith and worldview do you have. If something does not suit her and she will change herself for you, you do not need to torture her because nothing good will come of it. Just say "it was nice to meet you."

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