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Wedding and marriage tradition in Ukraine A marriage and wedding In Ukraine is filled with traditions that originate in both Eastern Christian and in Ukraine's ancient pagan past. Part of the Ukrainian marriage takes place at the bride's house. If you are not a close family member, you will most likely miss this part of the wedding. Ukrainian church weddings are not considered official, and so couples wanting to get married must exchange their wedding vows at a Russian marriage civil ceremony. Here, the bride and groom receive bread and salt, symbolizing health, prosperity and long life. Before the church ceremony, the bride, the groom and their families meet at the home of the bride's parents for the blessing, the "blagoslovenya". At the blessing, the parents express their approval and good wishes for the couple. The Ukrainian marriage and Wedding civil ceremony is often considered unimportant to friends and relatives of the bride. The main affair is the wedding reception, a great two day celebration with music, dancing, feasting and drinking. Once the reception celebration has begun, a relative or close friend will make a wedding toast to the bride and groom. In keeping with Ukraine custom, everyone throws their champagne glasses on the floor. It is considered good luck if the glasses break when they hit the ground. Throughout the wedding and marrige reception, the traditional Ukrainian dance called the "kolomiyka" will take place as well as the singing of a song called "Mnogie Leta". It is a song of good wishes and means "many happy years". Ukrainian wedding bread: The korovay is a traditional wedding and marriage bread that symbolizes community, and it takes the place of wedding cake at a Ukrainian reception. The korovai is adorned with periwinkle, flowers and bread doves Ukrainian wedding dresses: The wedding rushnyk is an important part of your wedding. During the wedding the couple must kneel on a wedding towel (rushnyk) wedding songs
edding blessing
edding toasts
Wedding in Ukraine in the old days was the real action, which lasted more than one or two days. Our ancestors knew to respect and cherished a huge amount to take, the traditions, rituals, some of whom still do not lose their relevance. the most common time for weddings lasted from August 28 (first-Pure) until October 14 (cover). At this time, suitors send to his fiancee matchmakers, who could be friends, brothers, sisters and parents. Bride preparing for old age towels with a variety of motives, and in August was collected indispensable attribute of the wedding - viburnum, which was considered a symbol of love, beauty, and faithfulness. If the girls were hanging around the house guelder rose branch with berries - it was clear - in this hut lived a girl of marriageable age. The groom with his friends and guests with his hand went home to his bride. Along the way they could stop foreign men and to demand repayment from the groom. The groom was required to treat the guys with bread and salt. When the bride entered the courtyard to the bride, he met her mother, a caravan. Arrival of the groom pointed out fun games, fun, humorous battle for the bride. Later the bride and groom exchanged wedding cakes, and a table of gifts exchanged matchmakers, and then go bargain with the groom's brother (the father) bride. Of course, not without first dance of the young. In general, the Ukrainian wedding was famous for her dances, fun and laughter, the universal oneness.