Vinnitsia marriage service and local dating

He usually begins with trying to puzzle out who in America looks for a wife. And he states himself that it’s quite a strange subject. Is there a lack of native ones? Why is he trying to buy himself a Russian wife? An American woman, a slave of feminism and equality, too demanding, knowing her rights well, especially in such states as California and in the case of a divorce she drains her husband dry or makes his bank account much smaller.
Marrying the same one (and all of them read the same women’s magazines, watch the same women’s TV-shows and like to be inimitably standard) is the same thing as struggling against the stream. So Americans go in search of Russian, Philippine, Chinese, Vietnamese and other non-American wives - mail order brides. (Read a quite interesting article on this topic here)
Americans don’t like European women. They are too civilized, extravagant, capricious and unpredictable and they know their rights better then American ones do. Muslim and African wives are also not in the trend – what should one do with them? Filipinos are homebodies and housewives, faithful into death, Chinese and Vietnamese ones are skillful cooks and are resignedly smiling, Russian ones are beautiful, good in bed and educated…
From their early childhood there are two ideas cultivated in Americans: married life is a partnership, one should constantly beat a partner for him not to be beaten himself. Besides, an American who bought himself a foreign wife will do everything possible for her to be in a full dependence on him as long as possible and know nothing about her rights, rules in force in the country, customs and laws. He won’t take any efforts to help her in learning English, driving a car, finding a job, acquiring a residence status: it’s not profitable for him and he doesn’t care about all the rest.
A sexual slavery called a marriage with an American begins with a marriage contract where on a number of pages it is described what and how much is not in order for a bride neither while contracting a marriage nor after this ceremony, after a divorce which is practically inevitable after some hardest years of marriage – with her face to the wall and fists bunched. Even a perfect knowing of a language doesn’t save the situation. Those who don’t speak English find themselves in a desperate situation.
American laws are on the look-out for American citizens’ interests (and it’s good and natural, though for Russians who are accustomed to the Russian laws being directed against them it’s unusual) but it means that laws are directed against all non-Americans including unlucky brides and wives from Russia. One should be a very loving American to withstand these laws and to the good of his wife or bride…