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1. marriage agency "lerogetour"
Ukraine, Lugansk, +380 99 780 08 41; +380 642 53 32 57
91016 Lugansk, Sovetskaya 47, of. 302, Ukraine
Email: info @
Skype: leroge.helen

2. Lugansk marriage agency "magic date"
91016 Lugansk, lenina 64, of. 322, Ukraine
+38 (0642) 584-152; +38 050 254 2359

3. Lugansk marriage agency "Lugan Girls"
91011, Sovetskaya str 52, office 301
+38 (0642) 717269, +39 (068) 6959711

Lugansk marriage agency:
- You should know that it is normal to do things differently?
- Propose to your beloved person who you are eager to hear and communicate with?
- Never put of your mind that the unsurpassed honor that you are able to support your kids is a lucky family with Lugansk women?
If your soulmate seems to be not as attractive as some years ago you have a desire to keep in heart the touching episodes with your spouse.
In case you appear older , you may still affect positively on your soul mate. A firm ( or lugansk marriage agency) and loving union with your match may satisfy with an emotion of joy. You feel necessity of this emotion for any man and woman . Every Lugansk marriage minned women without a couple who possesses no marital ties although has a desire to learn dating and local marriage in khmelnitsky covets to be pleased with him till the end of life . Discovering a hamonioius love is very essential for every lady. You can not find your destiny accidentally , remember, the bitch goddess favours the brave. You come across a girl with whom you are going to be happy . Being glad in matrimonial union is a process of discovering who you are. Individuals will study to be satisfied on modest victory. We will let out our wits of any valueless and senseless fear. If we are free from all needless desires we will be able to feel more happy. Our love can make our relatives more happy. It is the other reason of great delight in our life. People may never long for what other men and women obtain. Folks are capable to grasp the idea how to realize wonder of a family life with what we have . The world of married people shall be kept by both woman and man. A Lugansk marriage agency who has a wish to live through a caring bonds is able to make any possible attempt. Please find here useful advice from the folks who are the example of perfect match.
Single and pretty Lugansk girls is an idealist who is completely fearful of the shortage of patience from her other half, for the reason that the wife can explain how to see the solution.

How to get to Lugansk, Ukraine?

1. Train number 020-k Kiev-Lugansk . Departure from Kiev - 18.40. time of arrival in Chernigiv 09.47
2. A private taxi from the airport Kiev( Borispol) taxi transfer Kiev airport "Borispol" -Lugansk
3. From Odessa: taxi transfer from Odessa to Lugansk
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