Vinnitsia marriage service and local dating

Ukrainian laws don’t make any special demands to marriage registration.
Law sets an equal marriage age for men and women in Ukraine on the level of 18 years old. From the point of view of being ready for family life according to criteria of physical, moral and social maturity. But according to a decision of a court a right for marriage can be given to a girl who reached the age of 16, in case that it corresponds to her interests. Earlier an exclusively minimal marrying age was 14.
To register a marriage a man and a woman should hand in a mutual application to organs of registration of civil state acts. After handing in of the application a month’s term is set for registration of their marriage. In a course of this month a bridegroom and a bride may cancel their decision about a marriage registration and shift it to a different, later term which should be reflected in the application. If a bridegroom and a bride want to register a marriage sooner than in a month they should show documents which confirm a good reason for reduction of this term.
A marriage with a foreigner on the territory of Ukraine
If a citizen of Ukraine contracts a marriage with a foreigner here one should pay attention at the following peculiarities. First, a foreign citizen should show a document which confirms legitimacy of his stay on the territory of Ukraine – a visa of Ukraine in his passport or a temporary registration at place of residence of a citizen of Ukraine if a visa for stay in Ukraine is not needed. Also, a foreign citizen shows a certificate of his marital status where it is notarized that a citizen wasn’t married before or his previous marriage is dissolved and stopped. All documents which need an official legalization should be properly legalized by foreign citizens who wish to contract a marriage with a girl from Ukraine on the territory of our country, before the moment of application and marriage registration. All the documents of foreign citizens should be translated into Ukrainian with a notarization or apostil. Based on materials of the site