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That period, while Ukrainians' habitation were were like to same passed away many moons ago. 15-20 yrs agone it was problematically to purchase unhackneyed domestic furniture, sanitaryware, poppy-heads in a commercial enterprise. But time is marching on, and Ukrainian nation at this stage keeps abreast of the developed Euro countries in level of reconstruction in lodgings.
We are sure that you know that your trip to some cities in Ukraine will turn all right if you decide to plan it right and according to nowadays standards. Are you going to visit Odessa? Perfect! The main thing that you will need while visiting a foreign country is a place for living. You begin to think: should I stay in a hotel room or find an apartment for rent in Odesa? Our professional staff members will assist you to decide. All that is have to be done is to think about a few words about differences between taking a hotel room and staying in a flat for rent when visiting our city.
Renting a flat is less expensive that staying in a hotel. You can compare: one room in a hotel on the main street of Odessa might cost you 100 - 300 US dollars or even 500 dollars per night, while you can rent a good and modern apartment in the very center of the city just only for about 30 - 40 dollars per day and some more depending on the qualityof the unit, the # of the rooms and the location: far from the center or close to it. If you rent an apartment in Kiyev, you have more privacy. Rented apartment in odessa is the best way to have your own home in Nikolayev. You can go out whever you feel like it and are not made to say about your visits to the anyone. A lot of hotels demand to give a note at the reception about your guests. If you get your own place to stay in Mykolayiv your your visitos can come and go any time without another person's fishy looks. Daily rented apartment in Odessa makes your stay more convenient and nice. All the apartments for rent in Kiev are fully furnished with all household and kitchen supplies , so you and your guests may feel comfortable and great feeling of being at home. If you prefer to spend your vacation in a city you are visiting and decide to stay in a hotel room, no one will let you cook your own dinner in the room. In your apartment that you rent you have a chance to cook your own dinner.
If you stay in a hotel, the choice or rooms is not that big. They all are mostly standard and mainly have just one room with a bed and a bathroom. When you rent a flat you have a great possibility to pick out the quantity of rooms and rent one-room, two - room, 3-room apartments and the space of the apartment. Every flat, that you rent from us in Odessa has an up-to-date style and beautiful furniture.
This descritions for one of our flats for rent in Mykolayev. This beautiful two-room apartment is on the ground floor of a 3 storied building, which is located just a few buildings away from the main street of Mykolayev. Peaceful community, convenient public transportation, supermarkets and banks are close. It is a beautiful place for rent with a big anough place to live(approximately 90m2/970 sq ft) and laminated flooring board. The living room is furnished with an L-shaped sofa, that becomes a bed for a couple of people; a Television set; a notebook with high-speed Internet (included) , conditioner. The kitchen is supplied with refrigerator, cookerand a microwave oven, kettle, kichen ware and all other home supplies. There is a machine for washing clothes and a a shower in the bathroom. You will have new bed linen, towels, hair-dryer, ironboard with an iron. There is a big enough bed in the bedroom. You will love wonderful decor in this beautiful apartment.
An intention of eurorepair is of high standing for each habitant in our country. Mostly everyone began to fall back on dedicated attendance during decoration of dwelling. Therefore entrants employ services of apartments for short rent with great relish. They made sure nowadays, that characteristics of daily rent apartments is equal to costly rooms in a hotel really.